1. Booking

When booking a house, a contract is concluded with the buyer, followed by a prepayment of 3,000 euros to confirm interest in the purchase. The booking period is up to 2 weeks.

2. Purchase and sale agreement

A notarial contract of sale is concluded with the buyer in accordance with mandatory legal norms with a detailed description of the rights and obligations of the parties. The signing of the contract is preceded by the payment by the buyer of 20% of the total amount of the purchase and sale.

3. Property law (In Rem) contract

When the apartment is ready and accepted by the buyer, he notarially enters into a property contract, according to which the ownership of the apartment completely passes to the buyer. A prerequisite for the transfer of rights is the payment of the remaining 80%.

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The price of the apartment includes:

  • interior decoration according to the selected package (‘Paris’, ‘London’)
  • 2 free parking spaces
  • kitchen furniture from the company Kraus Köögid in the amount of 5000 euros
  • connection to sewerage and water supply
  • connection to the power grid
  • ready to connect to the telephone network and cable TV
  • willingness to join a security company
  • VAT

The sale price of the property does not include

  • notary fees or state duty (paid by the Buyer)
  • connection fee to the communication service, security company and cable TV
  • furniture (in bathrooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, etc.)
  • suspended ceiling lamps
  • fireplace, chimney

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