Technical information

The internal and external walls of the house are built of stone blocks, the floors are made of reinforced concrete panels – these components in tandem ensure the reliability and strength of the building. Only premium quality materials are used in the interior decoration: natural oak parquet, Italian tiles, Hansgrohe plumbing.


The terraced house is a stone structure on a ribbon foundation. The floors are made of reinforced concrete slabs. The exterior walls are also lined with FOBO 200. The interior walls are lined with AEROC 100 blocks.

The exterior facade is made of expensive finishing materials such as aluminum panels with elements of corrosion, natural clinker stone, high-quality plaster Caparol.

Sound insulation: The walls between the boxes largely exceed the requirements for sound insulation. The inter-apartment walls are constructed of COLUMBIA 240 block, poured concrete. Additional noise insulation is provided by double drywall filled with stone wool.

High ceilings: The ceiling height on the ground floor is 3000 mm. The height of the rooms on the second floor is 2800 mm. The ceiling height in the bathrooms is 2500 mm.

Wood-aluminum windows in classic English style with triple glazing perfectly keep warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as give the house a unique appearance.

Interior doors with a height of 2 meters 30 centimeters are equipped with internal hinges and magnetic locks. For an improved indicator of sound insulation, the canvases are completely filled with MDF, sealing rubber bands are installed along the perimeter.

Terrace and conservatory (winter garden): On the ground floor each house has its own terrace and a glazed winter garden. On the second floor there is a large balcony with access from the bedroom.

Heating: A high-quality German geothermal heat pump (earth-water) is installed to heat the boxes. The temperature in each room is adjusted using separate sensors. The first and second floors are heated by underfloor heating. NB! In the boxes Tüve 2a-2, Tüve2a-3, Tüve 2b-2 is installed Air-to-Water heat pump. In other boxes Tüve 2a-1, Tüve 2a-4, Tüve 2b-1, Tüve 2b-3, Tüve 2b-4 is installed earth-water heat pump.

Ventilation: The correct microclimate is maintained in the house and an influx of fresh warm air is provided due to the supply and exhaust ventilation unit. As a result, heating costs in winter decreased to 60 euros/month.

Kitchen furniture: The price includes high-quality kitchen furniture from KRAUS KÖÖGID in the amount of 5000 euros. The price includes a three-hour consultation and visit to the object by the designer.

Privacy and comfort: Terraced houses are located in such a way that the living rooms are oriented to the southwest. Partitions have been built between the terraces, and the plots are separated by a low fence and a hedge to ensure maximum privacy and comfort.

The sauna is equipped with a heater with a wall-mounted sensor and temperature control. The door and walls of the sauna are glassy. The walls and benches are built of aspen.

Bathroom and toilet: the walls and floor in the bathroom are covered with ceramic tiles from an Italian manufacturer. Plumbing equipment from Laufen, Hansgrohe.

Electricity and communication: each has a connection to the power grid (16 amps). There is also a cable for high-speed Internet. A video intercom will be installed at the entrance gate.